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New York, NY - Brooklyn’s futuristic pop artist, MAK, debuts his final single off of his upcoming EP Lucid Dream. With provocative lyrics, infectious melodies, a lively instrumental produced by Yonatan Watts, and a stunning guitar solo to top it all off, this party song has the power to get crowds of thousands dancing. “DOPAMINE” is available now to listen to and download on streaming platforms worldwide.


Dopamine is known by many as the “feel-good” hormone and that is exactly what this track does — make you feel good. “It’s a dopamine hit,” says MAK of his latest single. His ethereal vocals float over the atmospheric synths and dynamic production to help the listener “get lifted to a higher place,” as he mentions in his opening lines. This song is as addictive as the actual chemical of Dopamine, which leaves listeners craving to hear the song just one. more. time. There is a reason why MAK described this song as “the apex of the [EP].” Placed at the center of the album, the club hit demands the spotlight as the center of attention.


Despite its propensity to turn up the function, “DOPAMINE” was a track that was too masterful for MAK to leave it as just another club banger. Instead, the pop star decided to put his creativity and versatility on display and translate “DOPAMINE” into a full live arrangement and performance. The live version of the song taps into a whole new sound, where rock and alternative influences can be heard. In his live performance music video, which can be found on his YouTube channel, MAK boasts his natural performance skills to a drone flying over the beaches of Montauk. Only an artist as multifaceted as MAK could pull off a juxtaposition of interpretations of the same song as extreme as this.


Although it wasn’t until recently that MAK was able to begin demonstrating his versatility through his music, he has always been one to excel in anything he puts his mind to. As a kid, MAK did everything. He was taking piano lessons — which were responsible for his initial interest in music — he was the orchestra’s concertmaster, he joined his high school’s choir, and he even took on sports, becoming the captain of the football team. After attending some of the most prestigious universities for his undergraduate and graduate studies, MAK took his mind to the sports industry as a marketing and innovation executive in London and New York City. It was only after meeting up with his friend and producer, Jared Feldman, that MAK fell into making music. The Dopamine high he experienced when he first recorded in a studio is the same high he felt while recording his latest single, which is named after the organic chemical. Now, that experience is coming full circle in his sophomore EP, which is set to release this September.


There is no doubt that MAK’s upcoming project will take you on a journey to a new mindstate, as each single from the EP has been building the foundation of the intoxicating story throughout the Summer. “DOPAMINE” is the grand finale of MAK’s Summer of Singles and the perfect segue into the journey through his dreaming mind that listeners will get to experience on his forthcoming EP. You can download or stream “DOPAMINE” now on streaming platforms worldwide. To keep up with his musical journey, follow MAK on social media

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